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Tying-In for Rainy Season - September 2023

Exteriors: Clark Pacific is nearly complete with the installation of the C-CAPP panels. Level 1, Level 12, and the roof were all hung last month, with the remaining panels scheduled to be installed after the personnel hoist comes down in late November. They are now wrapping up the welding of their panels throughout the building, and installing window wall throughout the month of September.

Roof: Framing and waterproofing of the roof deck went at a fast pace, with our

mechanical rooms & elevator penthouse nearly complete with framing. Most of the rooftop mechanical equipment was also installed at the end of August. Waterproofing will continue through this month, while interior sheathing and build-out of the service rooms get underway.

Tower Crane: 1951 Shattuck said goodbye to its tower crane as Sheedy came at the end of August to disassemble it. Berkeley Way was shut down for an entire weekend as the luffer crane was assembled in the street to bring down the tower crane.

Interiors: Lots going on in the interiors this month. Wall framing will be wrapping up at the beginning of this month on Level 12 as ceiling framing begins on the lower levels. Our MEP trade partners are hard at work with mechanical rough-in, while Webcor Drywall Group frames ahead of them.


The purpose of this blog is to provide the surrounding community with monthly updates regarding construction progress, and what can be expected in the month ahead. If you have questions, feel free to comment below, or email me directly, and I will do my best to address any questions or concerns in the next monthly update.


Katie Chisholm


Senior Project Manager

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