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Preparing for Fall - August 2023

CCAPP Panels are still being installed this month. They are currently being installed on Level 12 and should be close to completion by the end of August.

Concrete wrapped up this month, finishing with the planter walls on the roof. These walls will hold dirt and eventually get bushes and other plants.

Interiors are also progressing well. Tubs are continuing to be installed on Level 2 through Level 5. Meanwhile, framing has begun on Level 9 and on the roof for the elevator shafts.


The purpose of this blog is to provide the surrounding community with monthly updates regarding construction progress, and what can be expected in the month ahead. If you have questions, feel free to comment below, or email me directly, and I will do my best to address any questions or concerns in the next monthly update.


Katie Chisholm


Senior Project Manager

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